The synthesized concoctions of the Cre8tiv

"As a  child I was captivated by the music emanating from odd shaped boxes.

From as early as I can recall I zoned in on those strange and unnatural sounds.

They were and still are mezmerising to me.

Now, many years later I have the opportunity to unlock the many melodies lurking within. 

To get them out, get them down. 

Maybe not on paper, but more as a cascade of numbers; 

we must embrace technology, after all."



"Music is my life. But work got in the way."

CC is committed to producing original pieces, with his own unique 'flavour' & is soon moving to a dedicated studio space.

"I will share those musical pieces here, if only to clear my mind.

If listening stirs some emotion, or helps you get ready for a night out, that would be a good thing too."

From the Crazy one